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Press Release
14 August 2009

ISLAMABAD-“This year our Independence Day has come in such days when we endured a terrible national disaster of Gojrah Incidence, in result of which we had hundreds of burnt houses and seven burnt dead bodies of one family. A conspiracy was plotted against Muslim-Christen solidarity. Unseen enemy forces displaced 500 poor families in the capital city of an Islamic country like Pakistan.. They have been forced to live on a green belt in between a busy road in sector G-7, Islamabad. Comfortlessly we will gather Muslims and Christens with tears in our eyes to celebrate 14th August. Alas! We could celebrate Justice Day also after getting justice for our 500 poor displaced families of Chak Shehzad” said J Salik in his Independence Day message to the Nation.

Julius Salik convener World Minorities Alliance has advised government not to fire 21 Saluting Guns on 14th August, because the country is already facing very climacteric period due to suicide blasts through out Pakistan. Further he said that on the other hand; the horrible sounds of 21 blasts will disturb patients and elderly person as well. The nice step will be to light torches instead, on this national day.

Press Release
21 July 2009

ISLAMABAD-We shall wait seven days for taking “somoto action” by honorable Cief Justice of Pakistan to resolve our problems and rehabilitation of effected families back to Chak Shehzad, other wise we will come back in a rally on Tuesday 28th July and next day on 29th we shall burn out our tents and other house holds in protest. It was announced by ex Federal minister J Salik, addressing a rally here in D-Square near Parliament Complex.

On 62nd day of struggle for rehabilitation of Effectees of Chak Shehzad Brutal Police Action a rally “Injustice Rally” was organized by World Minorities Alliance. Hundreds of men and women were carrying place cards having portrait of Chief Justice of Pakistan with slogan “Injustice with Minorities . . .Why ?” When a jumbo size banner was also in the procession having all details of injustice by CDA with contract workers and about their demand for minimum salary of Rs.8500/=. There was heavy number of police at D-Square with bar bade wire to stop the rally. At this point participants stopped and several women and children kissed the barbed wire to symbolic that even they have been stopped to go near the Supreme Court buildings still they love their beloved country.

Addressing rally J Salik said that we came to get justice from the supreme court of the country but Chief Justice could not remove this barricade from our way to the highest forum of Justice. We fought for democracy and now when we are in democratic era, we are facing these barbed wires, he said. Taking about representation of minorities in parliament J salik said we the minority people don’t accept selection system we need election of our representation in Parliament.

J Salik was carrying a huge iron scale from one side and Mrs. Salik from the other side when leading the rally. They put that scale on barricade and said that they will wait seven days for taking “somoto action” by honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan to resolve our problems and rehabilitation of effected families back to Chak Shehzad, other wise they will come back in a rally on Tuesday 28th July and next day on 29th we shall burn out our tents and other house holds in protest. It was announced by ex Federal minister J Salik, addressing a rally here in D-Square near Parliament Complex.

DAWN Islamabad, Wednesday july 15, 2009.

Press Release:- Evicted slum-dwellers protest against ‘official pathy’
15 July 2009

ISLAMABAD-In order to high light the alleged negligent attitude of the local administration towards their miseries, the people evicted from a ‘kachi abadi’ in Shehzad Town staged protest demonstration here on Tuesday.The protesters wearing green glasses, as a symbolic gesture accused the local administration of not paying heed to their problems.

When asked by “The News’ the purpose behind wearing green sunglasses, the protesters said that the local administration is seeing everything through its “green glasses” and that is why everything seems good to them.

Some of the protesters, who approached courts before the operation carried out on May 18, 2009 to demolish the “kachi abadi’ claimed that respective judges had given stay orders in their cases. They alleged that those involved in the operation committed contempt of court, therefore, cases should be filed against them.

According to the documents provided by them, three different cases regarding ‘kachi abadi’ ion Chak Shehzad were being heard by the civil judges and all of them issued stay orders on different occasions.The protesters raised the question about the credibility of the operation and asked the concerned quarters to take legal action against those who carried out the operation despite issuance of stay orders. They claimed that the then Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) director Muhammad Abdullah Qammar provided a written reply to the civil court clarifying that WASA had no claim over the land where ‘kachi abadi’ was established.

The protesters marched in front of the National Press Club and gathered in an open place where various speakers addressed the gathering. Addressing the protesters, World Minorities Alliance Convenor Julius Salik said that it was really regrettable that despite passage of 57 days the local administration was yet to provide any relief to affected people of Chak Shehzad ‘kachi abadi’. He said that those who were responsible for operation to demolish ‘kachi abadi’ in Chak Shehzad committed contempt of court because the civil courts had issued stay order in various cases. J Salik demanded to fulfill its promises and proved homes not only to the affected people living under the open sky.

Press Release
14 July 2009

ISLAMABAD- “It is our bad luck that when ever our political leadership struggle for democratic rights they realize facts about national issues and get the real picture of crises but after coming in power they put on green glasses provided by corrupt bureaucracy on their eyes thru which they find greenery every where and thought its all ok in the country. The crises grow and people’s miseries also pile up day by day, this way” said J. Salik who was addressing a big rally named “ Green Glasses rally” here in Capital city.

Besides people from kachchi abadies of Islamabad hundereds of men and women belonging to the effected families of 18th May Police action at Chak shehzad, Rawal Dam attended Green Glasses Rally organized by World Minorities Alliance. People wearing green glasses and head bands with an eye resembling the eye of Prime Minister of Pakistan having slogan “Turned away eyes!” were chanting different slogans. One of participating women when asked by this reporter explained that green glasses are symbol of our high-ups decision making class who always use green glasses so, they feel that every thing is ok and calm in country.

J Salik convener World Minorities Alliance said that it is very shocking that 18th May action was taken totally illegally because there were not only but three stay orders from three different honorable courts. He told in detail about cases and stay orders and said: Mr. Justice Tarique Bashir, Civil Judge, Islamabad has issued an stay order on 11th February, 2009 and also ordered for hearing on 19th February,2009. On 21 March 2009 the case was dismissed, when during the trial Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Qammar, Dirctor WASA stated that WASA has no claim of ownership for the said land so WASA is not interfering it its matter nor have any intention to do so in future.. He further promised in front of the court that WASA will not disturb these people. While In the court of Civil Judge Mr. Azfar Sultan a case was presented under the title Sadiq Yousaf v M.Abdullah and others. On April 11, 2009 a stay-order was issued and first hearing date was fixed for 20th April 2009. Next hearing will be on 30th July 2009. Third case under title Mukhtar Maseh V Rafique Maseh and other for interference in the matter of Chak Shehzad Churh was under trial in the Civil court Islamabad and a stay-order was issued on April 8th 2009.First hearing was on April 22 2009. Another case is under trial in front of Ms. Nadia Ikram Malik Civil Judge Islamabad titled Rafique Maseh V Hector Aleem, Abdullah and others, its next hearing will be on 23rd July 2009. During all these cases and valid stay-orders Islamabad police, CDA and district management with WASA took illegal action against dwellers of Chak Shehzad on May 18th 2009.And bulldozed tents of poor 500 families. In result of that brutal action several men, women children were injured and one old man passed away due to injuries of action. J Salik asked who is going provide justice to the died person’s family and who gona take responsibility to rehabilitate these hundreds of families living on a green belt in between two busy roads.

Press Release
07 July 2009

ISLAMABAD- “Today I have submitted an application to the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to get justice for effectees of Chak Shehzad Police action which was illegal because all it happened in existence of 3 stay orders from different civil courts of Pakistan” it was announced by J Salik addressing in a convention at Green Park of National Press Club. Further he told that he has requested Supreme Court to provide interim relief to these poor itinerant families to resettle them at the same place until the final decision form the honorable court.

A convention was convened by World Minorities alliance at Green park of National Press Club, Islamabad. Hunderds of poor families from all over kachchi abadi’s of the Capital city. In the beginning of program Paster Saleem Saroya read from Holy Bible when a Muslim hafiz recited from Holy Quran. A national song “ es parcham ke saaey tale hum ek hein” was sung by all the participants of convention.

Delivering his speech J Salik showed a deep pain that poor workers are being paid very little salary under contract system throughout country, such as at Holy Family Hospital, they are getting just Rs.4300 monthly. On the other hand he said that even CDA has not paid workers since last 8 months the payment of Eid-ul-Azha services. J Salik warned that if CDA does not pay to them immediately it might be turned into any mishap and if such thing happened its all responsibility shall go to CDA. Today was 50th day of struggle to resolve problems of effectees of Chak Shehzad Rawal Dam Police action.

Press Release
27 June 2009

ISLAMABAD- “After a long struggle of 40days we are happy today because three top officials have been changed and new officials are showing full solidarity with our poor families” said J Salik. He was talking with media persons at “camp for effectees of Chak Shehzad, Rawal Dam Brutal police Action” situated near Sitarah Market in sector G-7. J salik told press that Chairman CDA, DC and AC Islamabad have been transferred and new DC paid us a friendly visit today. He met women, children and elderly person during his surprise visit of effectee’s camp.

Aamir Ali Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad met with J Salik and paid tribute to his struggle. J Salik told DC about 40 days long struggle in detail and said if these poor families did not get their rights then I shall put my self to death and embraced martyrdom to get attention of government quarters. At this point Aamir Ali Ahmed said that there will be no need to take such dire step, we will solve these problems very soon and on the other hand we, the Nation needs you as you are a precious treasure of ours.

Talking to the media, J salik further said that a wave of change is right on the corner and now the filthy politics of selfishness shall die because my country men specially poor have been noticed and practiced the strength of unity to get their rights. When DC Islamabad was reached camp J. Salik was still on his “mud protest” and there was mud all over his body.

Press Release
23 June 2009

ISLAMABAD-On 39th day of their struggle, “Effectees of Chak Shehzad Rawal Dam, Brutal police Action” were gathered again today at road side venue near Sitara Market for “”Dragon Protest”. There was a foamy snake in an eleven feet long dragon’s real skin as a symbol of those culprits of society, politics and governmental sectors who are conspiring against poor of this country. They have beaten it with anger and hate in eyes for their enemies. J salik ex-Federal Minister was the organizer of this protest he explained that we all did it to inform our enemies, enemies of poor to take right direction otherwise it might be a bitter lesson for them to remember for remaining of their lives. The people were happy to know that due to their one and half months long continues struggle two of important officers have been transferred from their posts. A portrait of ex- Chairman CDA Tarique Mehmood was displayed with a slogan which reads; “….and he GONE WIT THE WIND!”

During protest a snake charmer passed by and organizer took one cobra snake which was crushed to death by him and protesters as a symbol to show hate against the people who were ignoring their problem since 18th May.

Hundreds of protesters light up candles before starting prayers to God for peace in country, solidarity of Nation and defeat of enemies of Pakistan.

Press Release
18 June 2009

ISLAMABAD-Evected slum dwellers of Chak shehzad, Rawal Dam’s struggle for rehabilitation entered into 2nd month and still government quarters are totally silent for this very much humanitarian issue of the capital city. Non other but human rights activist J. Salik struggling round-the-clock to get in touch to the authorities who are actually responsible to solve this issue through providing shelters to these effectees of a brutal police action. J. Salik, who is known globally for his unique protesting ideas, came out today with a rally of hundreds of men and women carrying antimony-jar in their hands. When this reporter questioned a woman in the rally what was the idea of carrying antimony-jars, she replies that our rulers eye-sights is getting weaker every day so we are here to offer them to use this antimony on our cost. Might their eye-sight again cured and they could see our ill-condition. Protesters were carrying placards also which reads verses from Holy Quran and Holy Bible about blindness of those who lost their right paths of doing good deeds. Interesting point was that where there were hundreds of antimony-jars, there were big size photographs of PM eyes also.

Protesters were chanting slogans to be taken their case as so-mo-to by the CJP Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, because yesterday an appeal for so-mo-to action has been presented by J.Salik to the registrar of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on behalf of 380 effected families of Chak Shehzad, Rawal Dam.

Addressing protesters J.Salik said that these were poor people of slum dwellers of this posh and bountiful mega capital city who brought big rallies during restoration campaign of Justice. So, if now they wish to get justice from the highest court of this country, they are right to get their rights. Today we all are gathered might our Government, especially PM pay a little attention to us, the poorest citizen of this country.

The News International, Sunday, june 14, 2009
A NICE GESTURE: World Minorities Allience Chairman Julius Salik accompnied by children sprinkling rose water in front of the Parliament House before the announcement of Federal Budget 2009-2010 in Islamabad.
The News International, Monday june 8, 2009.
DAMANDING JUSTICE: Homeless people in a rally showing mirrors to remind the government of its promises as PPP leader Aitzaz Ahsan and World Minority Alliance Convenor Julius Salik join them at the National Press Club in Islamabad.

Press Release
04 June 2009

ISLAMABAD- On 45th day of struggle “Effectees of Chak Shehzad, Rawal Dam Police Action” protested in a different way for their demands. All demonstrator mem and women poured liquid mad on them selves. It is in news that ex federal minister J Salik was protesting in “Mud Protest” since last seven days at camp for ECSPA NEAR Sitara Market, Sector G-7/1. When hundreds of men and women were taking part in procession having mud all over their head, faces and clothes it started drizzling at the venue. At that moment J Salik pointed out that since our rulers were kept totally quite and ignoring us, the poor and effected people, God in haven was watching so now skies started weeping.

J Salik said that since our government has taken Shaheed Mohtarma Bhutto’s case to UNO we also thinking over to do the same; to get our rights, because “enough –is-enough”! They shall not wait for anymore and tell me for how long J Salik can cool down them.

During his protest, taking to press reporters he said that any government could not survive with out solving issue of her minorities. Holy books also told that if rulers do not pay attention to solve problems of poor, He in the haven shall come for help of poor and to give punish to the rulers. Remember and note that today even skies are shading tears looking toward these effectees of brutal police action.

Quoting from history he said that Great Leader M.A.Jinnah promised at the time of founding this home land that all minorities shall get their rights equally in new born country. But now in Pakistan minorities facing difficulties to get their rights and are in great troubles. Let me inform you, he said that court has been issued a stay order in the case of ownership for the land of Chak Shehzad. And when there is any stay police or any out side honorable court were not in position to take action against court stay. A rally was taken out from G-7/1 to Super Market via Melody, GPO corner and China Chowk.

Press Release: 25th May, 2009

ISLAMABAD-On the solidarity day of National APC, hundreds of poor families of working Christian Minorities lost their homes in the result of a brutal action taken by Islamabad Police, a week back. These displaced hundreds of women, innocent children, elders are wondering here and there in this capital city of Islamic republic of Pakistan to get shelter but still in vain. No one ready even listen to them. Human Rights activist and Ex-Federal Minster J. Salik approached to help them on the same day and spending day and night with these IDPs of Islamic Capital. And today he came up with an unique idea that if rulers of this Land of God have no time to pay any attention for these homeless poor families than we shall appeal to all Mighty God in the heavens. He arranged many balloons venders and thousands of gas balloons took flight to the skies of an Islamic capital with applications addressing the President, Prime Minster and Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Hundreds of children, women of IDP families along with their beloved leader J. Salik sent applications tide with gas balloons all the day long on “Sobbing Balloons day” here in sector G-7/1. Skies were filled with balloons and applications, especially during evening time.

Press Release: 27 April 2009
Minority has no forum at national level to say its voice: J Salik

ISLAMABAD-The minorities are being neglected in the country as they have no proper forum at the national level to say their voice. The National Assembly does not have real minority representation as the persons brought on the minority seats in the assembly have been selected, instead of elected.

This was stated by World Minorities Alliance Convener and former Federal Minister J Salik while addressing a rally of hundreds of people belonging to the Christian community in front of National Press Club Islamabad on Monday.

This was a unique protest demonstration as the participants carrying Quaid-e-Azam's portraits were protesting and complaining to the Quaid that the minorities were not being given their due rights in his country.

The participants of the rally had also carried placards condemning the act of throwing fire on churches and Christians' houses in Karachi. They were also chanting slogans in support of Christian-Muslim unity.

J Salik said that it would prove hazardous that the assembly does not represent the minorities in the real sense of the word. He demanded that the Christian voters should be given the right to franchise to bring the leadership in the assembly of their choice. While referring to the incident of throwing fire on churches and houses in Karachi, he said it was a conspiracy to break the unity between the Muslims and the Christians. He said that there was no space for extremism in any religion.

J Salik said that some anti-state elements had been active behind the religious extremism in the country. He said that the country was passing through a critical period, wherein everybody should behave with responsibility so that the conspiracies against the country could not become successful.

On the occasion, Islamabad Press Club Secretary General Afzal Butt, PPP District Minority Wing President Suhail Roomi, PPP Minority Women Wing Madam Gulzari, Pastor Yousaf, Pastor Iqbal also addressed the rally.

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