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To express solidarity on behalf of Pakistani Muslims particularly Ulema (clerics) the foundation was laid for the first time in the history of Pakistan to jointly celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on 25 December, 1981 at spacious Wapda Auditorium Lahore. Maulana Abdul Qadir Azad, Khatib of historic Badshahi mosque of Lahore and other Ulema were in the forefront.

On behalf of Muslims-Christians unity forum it was announced that in future Eid Millad-ul-Nabi (birthday of Holy Prophet of Islam) would be jointly celebrated. For the first time in the history of Pakistan Christians joined in the festivities of their Muslim brethren and felicitated them.

To express solidarity with Muslim brethren J.Salik took to jute dress in 1981 for 12 years to register protest over the massacre of 300 Muslim minority members on the occasion of Eid in India. The gesture of expression of solidarity by J.Salik was unanimously commended by 207 members of Pakistan National Assembly.

Christmas Tree was installed at the Charring Cross Lahore (opposite Punjab Assembly Hall) on behalf of Christians-Muslims forum. Christmas Tree stands for end of Autumn and advent of Spring which is celebrated on the occasion of Christmas. The Christmas Tree at the Charring Cross was auspiciously inaugurated by Muslim leaders.

To protest against desecration of a mosque and the Holy Quran in Britain on behalf of World Minorities Alliance, J.Salik blackened his face. The objective was two fold. Firstly to demonstrate that the tragic incident had blackened the face of the entire humanity and secondly to express solidarity with the Muslim brethren of London.

During Zia-ul-Haq martial law days it was announced that schools would remain open on 25th December, the Christmas day. It was purported to celebrate in schools the Quaid-i-Azam birthday which synchronizes with Christmas. The decision was apparently wrong since the Christian teachers and students could not forgo their Christmas rites to come to schools. Muslim Ulema and other leaders supported the Christian demand to withdraw the decision.

During martial law days Matriculation examination continued for three consecutive years on the holy Easter day. The protest was lodged to attract government attention toward this anomaly in 1980. The government was reminded in 1981 that scheduling matric science paper on Easter day was total injustice to Christian candidates. To drop and pick children from the examination center disturbed the Easter service for the entire family. J.Salik went on hunger strike which continued for 35 days. A general strike for 7 days and blockade of the civil secretariat by a rally was threatened. Muslim brethren fully supported the Christian cause.

To express solidarity with the Muslim world J.Salik under took a 2000 KM peace march in extremely cold weather to lodge protest and express grief over loss of several hundred thousand innocent lives and colossal material damage during the Iran-Iraq war. As a mark of protest J.Salik along with 25 others donned the coarse jute clothes.

J.Salik expressed jubilation over the construction of first mosque in Rome. At a ceremony at Taj Hotel, President of Italy and Ruler of Oman, Sultan Qabus were presented golden crowns. The Sultan had been honoured on the completion of 100 years of church in Oman.

J.Salik organized an national level 70 big conventions on Muslims-Christians unity. His tireless efforts to bring Muslim Ulema near the Christian community was publicly acknowledged by Maulana Abdul Qadir Azad, khatib of historic Badshahi mosque in Lahore. Maulana Abdul Qadir Azad had stated “Suddenly I received a telephone call from J.Salik. This call aroused in me the feeling of a father who had lost his son and Allah reunited them. J.Salik sold twice his households for the sake of the nation. He relentlessly fought for the security and promotion of the rights of the Christian community. The Christian community would be ungrateful if they don’t recognize his greatness. I would also consider Pakistanis as ungrateful if they don’t laud his services. A person sacrifices all what he has, for the land he lives in because he loves that land, for J.Salik it is Pakistan. Besides J.Salik has a mission to forge unity among minorities of the world which may have representation at the United Nations through a special seat. He also proposes to convene a world conference of the minorities, institute a world fund for them and bring out a journal of their own.

J.Salik protested over massacre of Muslims in the Philippines and as a mark of protest he wore black robes for 40 days.

J.Salik lent support to 8 point peace program in 1982 of Prince Fahd the then Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia for the Middle East.

J.Salik burnt and buried the effigy of Christian militia over brutal Muslim massacre in Palestine.

J.Salik organized hoisting of black flags over the houses of Christian community to protest over violence against Muslim minority in Burma.

J.Salik organized a joint Christian-Muslim Ulema conference to press the release of 72 American hostages by Iran.

J.Salik appealed to internationalize the city of Bait-ul-Maqdas so that Pakistani Christians could also visit their sacred places in that city.

J.Salik along with his family members reached Bosnia to express solidarity with the oppressed Muslims while the war was at its peak in that land. J.Salik’s only son perceived the visit as a life risk. J.Salik replied that “if the bodies of mother, father and son arrived back in Pakistan on the occasion of Christmas, this may help awake the world conscience and raise Pakistan prestige in the comity of nations.”

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