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Mr. Zulfiqar A Kazmi
President Pakistan Chapter Universal Peace Federation Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, USA

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Harbingers of Change

J.Salik has always raised voice for observance of human rights and safeguarding security of minorities all over the world. He supported all movements around the globe for freedom and justice through his innovative struggle. People of Pakistan and countless persons abroad are aware of his selfless and sincere struggle spread over quarter of a century.
He has been five times elected member of parliament and county councils to represent the minorities. He was a federal minister for population welfare. He was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of Islamic Republic of Pakistan despite being Christian.

The episodes of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent American aftermath shattered the life-long dreams of J.Salik in respect of world peace based on justice and equity for all sections of the society.
In November 2001 J.Salik voluntarily confined himself in a steel cage to demonstrate his
helplessness vis a vis safeguarding the security of the oppressed. The cage was mounted on a truck named as Peace Drive of Pakistan to enable J.Salik to be mobile and widely spread his message of peace and amity. After completing seven months and twelve days in cage he succumbed to unanimous request of Muslim clerics of Pakistan to end his confinement.
Now J.Salik proposes to convene a world conference of representatives of minorities all over to devise mechanics for their uplift and ensuring peace.

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J.Salik's Father E. Salik


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