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Latter by Prime Minister Of PAKISTAN Benazir Bhutto



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JSALIK is in USA for printing his book "Peace Journey" till 16 October 2015. Contact him on No: +1-484-482-3934.

JSALIK has arrived Pakistan after completing his “Peace Drive” successfully in the United States

On 28 January, almost on the eve of their return from the United States to Pakistan, Mr and Mrs Julius Salik, were entertained atlunch with several Pakistani advisers and officials at the United Nations. They included Mr. S. Shahid Husain, Mr. Zarak Saleem Jan, Mr.S. Pervez Hasan, Mr. Atif Khurshid and Mr. Nazim Khizer, all of whom
are holding important positions in different UN departments.Mr. Salik informed the advisers about the positive role the minorities hadplayed in the creation of Mkh Pakistan and in the country's developmentover the past decades. He was, in turn briefed on the work of the UN Secretariat, and on the political processes through which international conventions on different thematic issues are adopted at the United Nations.

On 26th Mr. Imtiaz Jamal and Mr. Julius Salik were out in there RV in Washington, D.C. Tour the places they went were capital hill, in front of the White House, museum on 6th and Pennsylvania Avenue, Jefferson memorial, Lincoln memorial, World War Two and the pentagon, state department and Vietnam and Korean memorial they basically toured the whole Washington, D.C. Area.

As you all know that he started his “Peace Drive” to Promotion of Global Peace through Democracy and Minority Rights.Peace Drive started from November 23rd 2012 from New York which was continued till January 14, 2013 on presenting Peace Memorandum to United Nations New York Office.


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